March 2nd, 2017

hasui saitama mountains

Fishy fishy

Need to bear it in mind that cooking is a mood-elevater most of the time. Day spent mostly indoors because cold outside, even if bright and sunny, hence cabin-fevered and coughing. (I cough more when I have the leisure to cough, is why I spent an unpaid 90 minutes at work yesterday. Which exhausted me, but lifted my spirits.) Finally made me cook up the defrosted mahi-mahi with shallots and asparagus and lime juice (too mild: requires lemon.) Then cleaned cutting board and counters and felt accomplished.

Mahi-mahi is fish for people who don't like fish, meaning me. Has the solid feel of chicken and takes on the flavour of anything it's cooked in. No more expensive than haddock (my usual fish) and more versatile.