January 11th, 2017

hasui snow scene


It snowed yesterday, heavy sloppy sleeting stuff, and I walked in boots one subway stop to my physiotherapist, and was not in screaming agony when I got there. Transit to work, transit home, bus is not there when it should be, so I walked the three long blocks to my place over slippery slush and icy tromp-down, and my knee was stiff for sure but still not owey. The relief at having boots on ice not equaling immediate and intense pain is amazing.

Rained all night and the snow is gone and I bicycled to work and wore my shoes to bicycle home, and my knees do not hurt. This is either the effect of exercise, or of wearing my old orthotics in my shoes, or of wearing an off-the-peg foam orthotic in my left boot, or of my doctor being right that 1000 units of Tylenol is indeed an effective pain-killer. Can't believe it's more effective than tylenol and codeine, but evidence suggests otherwise.

And I have tomorrow off (in theory: sudden plague may change all that) and lovely physio in the morning.
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