December 17th, 2016

hasui: winter moon

Samaritans and Saturday Gratitudes

1. It snowed another too many inches overnight. I woke to bare sidewalk because the Phantom Snowblower had been at work up and down the block.

2. TPS once again turned off his machine at the ex-Indian Gardener's house, currently under construction. I was able to push some of the soggy snow away with my ice chopper, so it will be passable in tomorrow's freeze, and my elbows and neck did not object. Cannot lift-shovel this year, which has been a worry to me.

(I do wonder what TPS' agenda is. I used to shovel snow so that I could get places, and so could other people if so minded. TPS seems to do it out of a desire to spare people the need to shovel but not to make walking easier. Otherwise he'd do the whole street.)

3. Made it to my aunt's and back, walking to and from subway because the non-existent Christie bus is even more non-existent in snow. Knees are not happy but not the spasming misery they were last night.

4. Freezing drizzle seems to have stopped for the moment and may, with luck, be covered by snow tomorrow. (I am *not* inconsistent: I am situational.)