December 13th, 2016


Tuesday gratitudes

1. Gas bill comes. Since I've been doing this 'poor Jeanne's a-cold and dammit I *deserve* to heat the house to 20C at night' indulgence, I steeled myself for the worst. Can't speak to the sum, which is my notion of reasonable, but the usage graph said 'You used 2% more heat than the same period last year' (the notoriously warm late fall of 2015, you may recall) 'and the weather has been 5% colder.' Go me.

2. S-E corner house at Christie & Follis has snowplowed its half-block expanse on Follis, so I don't need to attempt the Baptists' frozen ridged ice fields when walking from the bus stop.

3. Two unexpected cheques at work. The gov't's top-up for whichever pay period. Extra 200 just at Christmas= much appreciated.

4. Staff for whom I worked on Friday returns favour and does my short shift this afternoon, so I can take my blocked sinuses and Marlene Dietrich voice home to bed at 4, in daylight. Not that it made much difference to the transit crowds, but at least I didn't have to push my way onto the Spadina car as I do at 6.

5. Provider still hasn't got back to me about inaccessible spam filter, and their web mail interface frequently doesn't want to load; but they've started sending me digests of spam reports, which obviates the necessity of going to the filter. At least until I want to release something from it, which I still may not be able to do.