September 1st, 2016

red dragon from incandescens

So glad August is over

It cools. My stats say this is not in fact the first time since mid-July that the lows have dipped below 16C but I have no memory of those occasions, which were one-offs in a string of air-conditioned nights. Also the cool is not set to survive into next week. But for the moment, I fancy an extra comforter on the bed against the air blowing in with the fan.

Should go back to reading heavy-duty Buddhism. Life is being-- well, that which requires heavy-duty Buddhism. And a slew of three-year olds are leaving for the incorrectly designated All-day Kindergarten, who were howling babies just a while ago. The fall of 2013 was the first time we had this mass exodus/ mass influx; it seems... long enough ago to feel historical but nothing like 'ages and ages back.' When kids left at 5 or 6 to start grade 1, yes, *that* was saying good-bye to people one had known in another life. This lot- oh yes, I remember them as inconsolable infants only too well.
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