August 15th, 2016

red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

The house that ate books and other sadnesses

1. My copy of The Prince is gone, though I had it last spring. My copy of The Midnight Court is gone, though I had it last winter. And now my copy of Full Fathom Five is hiding I know not where. I mean, I trust I really *did* buy the thing and not just get it from the library?

Gladstone does do happi endo, at least for the time being; but all the latest book's hints of what went on in the first (chronological) makes me still drag my feet about reading it ever. As does all the financial wheeler-dealery.

2. To balance the gas bill, the electricity bill arrives, more than double what I used for the same period last year. Yeah well, last year was a rainy June and cool July and I didn't turn the central AC on till September.

3. Living on muscle relaxants is fine, but throw an anti-histamine into the mix and one sleeps deep and unmovingly, resulting in concrete neck headache this morning. Fortunately I just took more relaxants for the back, which cured the head as well. Physio didn't hurt either, except in the wallet.

4. I pick up my Japanese copy of Kafka on the Shore, only to have an 1Q84 bilious reaction to it. Oh yeah, strange stuff happening once again for no apparent reason. Why bother? (Then again, cruising goodreads' opinions on 1Q84, I come across an amazing deconstruction of the thing- that the whole Aomame section of the book is the novel that Shingo is writing about this girl he knew back in grade school, whome he makes into a male-idealized woman who will wait for him twenty years, certain that Fate will bring them together.)

5. At the cafe yesterday I wondered why they had last weekend's sign on the counter, saying they'd be closed the 15th to 19th. As I discovered today, it's because that's this week's dates, not last week's, and we're still only the middle of August. But where shall I get my lattes now?!