July 24th, 2016



With my new found riches I decided damn the expense, I shall INDULGE!! And turned on the central AC and left it running *all night.* Saturday was a scorcher, but the house stayed cool all day nonetheless. This is what happens when you have dry heat. Then I indulged again last night even though I could have gone with just fans. And within two hours of turning the thing off today's mug had crept in through crannies and cracks to make all hideous. Thus Toronto, ever.

I also indulged in clothes. Needing new tank tops and wandering into a sale at the Mall, I bought two rather-more-upscale-than-I'm-used-to items. And one is shaped to the male body and hence too tight, and the other had writing on it about No Coffee no Work, which was amusing in that tired way: but getting it home I see I missed a few letters and it says No Coffee no Workee. Yes, well: can I even give it to Goodwill? Even if you're hot and sweaty, try things on first. (I did try the 2XL tank tops at Mark's Wearhouse and put them back on the rack: they're shaped too and cling to my sizable corporation.)

Cellini- oh, Cellini. Why does anyone read him? 'I made these bowls that were the finest anyone had ever seen and then killed this man and fled to Siena where I made these medallions that were the most inventive anyone had ever seen and then killed this man and fled to Rome where I killed another man and *then* made these dies for the papal mint that were the most delicate anyone had ever seen'. "And he can go on like this for pages. Can, hell- does."