July 15th, 2016

pissy red dragon from tammylee

The blue hour

Every indication of a cold starting. No surprise after the ins and outs of ice cube AC and 35C burning sun for the last three days. Thank heaven for the weekend.

I shall hope that the current lethargy and achiness, not to mention the wanhope, is due to the sore throat and plugged up nose. It makes my current reading a touch nightmarish, though. Why did I put Cannonbridge on hold in the first place, when everyone I look at howls about it? And why didn't I remember it was Hamill's Forever that I wanted to make active? And why did I put Forever on hold? I should make a note of my references, because I have no idea who I was reading two years ago that suggested either. (Starting another Barbara Vine was plain suicidal, and i knew it at the time.)

But mostly, what happened to my library card? I take it out of the left hand side of my wallet for the automatic checkout and put it back immediately, always. But yesterday I was at the chiropractor's, whose swipe-card I also keep in the left hand tier, and noticed the blank spot where my library card should be. Vanished in a puff of smoke, only without the smoke. So I got a new one, but with a different number.

So now my holds are no longer shelved mid-rack under 1934 but down near the ground at 9627. This makes me sad. True, I won't miss looking for my stuff amid the many many volumes that bibliomaniac 1917 puts on hold, and true 9627 is more easily remembered than 1934. I wasn't alive in 1934, but Feb 7 1996 saw me, I insist, buying Silk Roads at an English language bookstore in Ebisu.