July 6th, 2016


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Treated myself to Italian dinner last night. Took a bite of the crusty bread and something went crunch. My temporary bridge shoved up against the gums. Cracked, as it turned out, and today got a replacement- my dentist giving up her lunch to provide it. Felt fine in the office but is now way too high, and sensitive with it. No matter: I shall eat slops until the permanent comes in next week.

But triumph was the kitchen light back on, and Prof Islamic Studies calling out to me as I was spraying the cherry with CritterRidder, 'I think it's working. Haven't seen the raccoons around for a while.' (Yes, sir, but you were away Thursday to Sunday.) 'Bet they've got a For Sale sign up on your tree.' Well, still, triumph! and was it worth all the money I spent on expedited delivery of those ultrasonic alarms if mothballs and ammonia would do the trick? Oh, probably. No one says they're gone for good.
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