April 24th, 2016

ima ichiko aoarashi

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Oh wonderful wonderful stripèd pair of pants that I bought a week ago. 100% cotton doesn't attract the fluff, and stripes don't show the grunge, that cotton-polyester does. I'm wearing them for the seventh consecutive day and they look and smell just fine. So glad I bought a second pair. Only drawback of 100% cotton: ironing.

Still with Dracula. So Van Helsing says the night Lucy dies that he'll stake her and cut off her head and would Seward bring him the surgeon's tools to do it. And then he doesn't do it, but spends the night pacing about the Westenra house. Why?

Still with The Famished Road. Goodreads readers can't be having with it at all: 'gave up a quarter of the way through. Nothing happens.' I seem to recall this is true of Latin-American magical realism as well. Nothing happens and the powerful prey on the powerless. Depressing. Okri says, "It is also meant to be a humorous book – from the perspective of the spirits, the deeds and furies of men are tinged with absurdity." I just find it hard to view things from the pov of the spirits.

Finished The Year's Best SFF Stories. Didn't get any cheerfuller either. Ah well.