April 20th, 2016

ima ichiko aoarashi

Wednesday's Adult

Am pleased to discover that there are other people out there who have extreme spring SAD. Mine isn't extreme, just an intensification of that innate 'non serviam' mild depression/ inertia/ whatever it is that makes me not want to do things that don't promise immediate pleasure. Thus encouraged (because at least I have no desire to cut myself with knives), instead of playing with babies after my morning coffee, I tidied and vacuumed and dusted the front hall and the living room, and bundled up the last of the porch garbage for the pickup tomorrow. Sinuses filled from the dust of centuries months, but they fill anyway. Depressing thing is that after I vacuum, five minutes later there are bits of detritus (leaf fragments, stray road salt, dust uhh ladybugs) that must be vacuumed again. Stuff sticks to the shoes, I must assume.
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