April 19th, 2016

koitsu benkei bridge


Tax return filed. I get a small refund. Must remind myself that the glory days of substantial refunds were when I paid quarterly installments as well as deductions from work. So yeah, I lent the government $2000 and they gave it all back to me plus some.

Tried liquid wood on the holes in the study lino. Have not painted it yet to keep it from fragmenting. Very very late in the day realized that I should just put a mat where my chair rolls. Like they do in offices, yanno? Annoying downstairs hall rug (tends to crease in the middle and trip me) is now in front of computer table.

Continue zonked after only a few hours of work. Continue to drink rum and Coke, and because this was in a sports bar, poutine as well. Weight that has dropped because of assiduous water drinking likely to rise because of assiduous toping.

Remains cool indefinable April of sun and slowly emerging leaves. Lovely as long as it lasts, which is probably Thursday.