April 18th, 2016



I won $12 in the lottery yesterday.

Last night I couldn't get my lens out. Poked and pinched for ten minutes and nothing budged. Googled, webpage said it can take up to fifteen minutes to get a dry lens to let go. It did. Am not wearing lens today.

Reading glasses in glass case turned up at work today.

Weather Underground has gone mad. Insists every morning that it's currently 28C at the station and the high will be 18. Alas WU, you used to be useful.

Reading The Best SF and Fantasy Stories 2015 in bursts. Various reviewers have said there's not a bad story in the bunch. All the stories so far have been dystopian downers except Gaiman's return to Neverwhere. I wait to see if there's anything upbeat to be had besides that.

Wanted a rum and coke after work. First restaurant was closed on Mondays, second was so sorry out of rum, third only had white. Went next door with my Pepsi can and drank their rum.