April 16th, 2016

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Spring comes. Warm enough to go (briefly) without socks. Itchy nose and throat begin.

Spring cleaned: vacuumed gritty cement dust from study floor where last year's patching has crumbled; cut back the study philodendron and put cuttings in water, then topped up the earth in the philodendron pot; took shovels and salt and ice chopper from front porch to basement, put up sun blind to see how it works (was going to cut it up and put out for garbage), tidied bins etc to the back yard, and washed chair covering after its winter outdoors.

(It's an old table cloth and some small creature comes and leaves tiny droppings on it. Can't think what- squirrel poo is more pellety, cat and raccoon poo much larger, bird poo generally liquid. Mice poo doesn't calcify like this and is smaller- like caraway seeds, which I often mistake for mouse droppings. That leaves rats, which I sincerely hope not.)

Lost my reading glasses in their garish red case. Found the stylus for my phone in the pocket of my summer pants.