April 6th, 2016

hasui snow scene

You take what you get

'Ah,' I said in relief when I got up, 'the roads are clear, that snow didn't happen after all.' At which a few flakes drifted down from the sky. 'Ah,' I said, 'it's a fine snow flurry, I should be able to bike.' At which the world suddenly whited-out. 'Ah,' I said, and put on my boots to walk to physio. With my unreliable second-best cane, because of course I forgot my best one at work yesterday.

But the snow did indeed turn to rain, and two hours later I was able to bike, in shoes, to work. Not that I was working today, but dentist's hand-out said worst swelling happens 48 hours after extraction, and it did, and rather than mope loose-ended at home, I went off to be distracted by charming young things. And a tangle of stitches, which were supposed to 'dissolve in a week', came loose and had to be cut out. The sort of thing one wants to be distracted for.
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