April 1st, 2016

ima ichiko shikigami

But Easter was *last* week!

Not that I'm complaining that my addiction solitaire and my email both came back from the dead today. But April is the antsiest month and I'm sure I'll find other things to worry about, like 'why is one of my bank's identifying questions "What's the name of your oldest niece?" when I don't have any nieces.'

Am making myself antsier by reading
1. The uncanny reader: stories from the shadows which is, well, far more fantoddy than The Weird, if not up there with Manguel's Black Water anthologies

2. 1Q84 in English, which is both time-travelly back to 2012 and much more anxiety provoking than the Japanese

3. My Antonia, which should not fantod me at all but does. Maybe it's just April being April, even if we're on an express train back to winter. Considerable snow expected on Monday, the day I have to be several different places, none of which I want to go to by transit.
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