March 30th, 2016

ugly_bugger by nanfoodle

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Got tax stuff together, go me. So easy was it that I'm sure I've forgotten something vital, but it matches last year's check list. Satisfaction is slightly overwhelmed by discovering the insurance premium cheque hasn't cleared, even though my coverage was set to lapse/ begin a week ago. Discover also that my broker has retired, so must call brokerage tomorrow and go through tedium there. Since cheque was not handled by brokerage at all but went directly to insurers out in Manitoba, why can't I just call *them*? Agh- insurance; we hates it, my precious. All this has sparked a bout of what I call 'rational anxiety' ie a real problem that elicits a disproportionate amount of wibble and images of disaster. Which last I seem able to ignore, but would ignore more easily if I had my addiction solitaire back, she hints at the universe.

Or maybe not, since I got tax stuff ready instead of playing fritter solitaire.
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