March 5th, 2016

talking mice?

There Goes the Neighbourhood

It's spring, even if it doesn't yet feel terribly springlike (give it a day or two) and in consequence the For Sale signs are popping up through the snow. The Lightning-struck Tree house went 'for over asking!!!' surprise surprise. South of them the White Picket Fence people had their viewing today (house clearly staged for maximum value- never saw *those* curtains before.) And across the street Josie's house was sporting a brand new For Sale sign this morning. I know her son said they'd planned to sell in the spring, but I'd rather hoped they wouldn't. Nice quiet older couple: what will take their place? Ah well.

The Lightning-struck Tree people put various kiddy impedimenta out on their- uhh, wooden planters, as also the hanging arrangement of tea pot gardens that used to grace their eavestrough. I suspect they're moving because they now have a second child and no one can raise two kids in Toronto's classic three up- three down structure when everyone requires a study/ office of their own. Prof and Mrs Islamic Studies do it by having a finished basement and an extension on the second floor back. But the Picket Fences have a third floor; not sure why they're leaving. If I won the lottery for which I didn't buy a ticket, I'd put in a bid myself. My heart yearns for a third floor, even if my knees have very different thoughts.

(I once asked Josie how people raised five kids in these houses back in the day, and she said: Bunk beds in the large front room for whichever sex there was more of, bunk beds in the narrow side room for the minority, rent out the small back room for money, Mama and Papa have their bedroom in the downstairs front room, middle down is common space and all meals happen in the kitchen. Eight people, one bathroom: though the enterprising Italians who settled here invariably put a second illegal bathroom in the basement.)