March 1st, 2016

hasui snow scene

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Snow storm on way, I hurt all over, I limp down to subway and buy a seniors' weekly pass at the station. You have to buy them from the ticket taker- machines won't sell the student/ senior version. Debit key pad wouldn't work- had to enter my PIN twice. Guy behind the glass says something to me, which I can't hear because he isn't talking into the microphone, and pushes my pass and about three feet of 6" wide blank newsprint paper at me through the wicket. No idea what to do with it: put it in the garbage, peel sticker off pass, go through gates. 'New design,' I note, and then look again. He misheard and gave me a month pass, about $80 more than I wanted to spend. And in a week it will be 8C. Moral: Look at the screen, not the keypad.

Meanwhile, though, we have 20-30 cm (8-10 in) of snow fouling the ways for the next few days. Currently light and blowy, if falling thickly. Will say, it made walking home very easy: dry snow like a carpet, perfectly flat, cushioning my feet. Not so much fun when the temps rise and the snowplows get to work.
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