February 23rd, 2016


Up and down and up and down

Up- Ativan sleep last night (whole ativan! which usually makes me want to stay asleep) followed by the gentle tinkling of my phone this morning resulted in a happy wide-awake state for my early appointment today. Appt only confirmed the fact that if I have a knee operation, it has to be a whole replacement, which means 'not until I'm completely incapable of walking at all'. Also of course- do ur exercises! though today, oddly, joints have stopped aching even as major storms and pressure changes approach.

Down- bought duck fat from the super, having heard of its marvelous taste and healthiness compared to butter. Roasted potatoes and carrots in same. Added no flavour at all that I could see, crisped the roast potatoes (nice if you like that sort of thing), and disagreed with my stomach. Gave it to s-i-l.

Up- two replacement workers return from the dead and a dead end job. Such happiness. Bank account will suffer, no doubt, but I'm relieved not to *have* to work.

Down- which means I have no excuse to cancel next week's root canal. Always a fly in the ointment.