January 12th, 2016

pissy red dragon from tammylee

January is the cruellest month

Oh right. Wonderful boots. I can walk in wonderful boots, and did yesterday amongst much transitting. By entering a different door to the DuffMall I discovered a store that sells cotton underwear, so I no longer have to buy at Walmart. (Sadly, Jockey is also made in Bangladesh. Have a feeling Fruit of the Loom is made here, but it only sells at Walmart.) Walked a block home, so I could get a new alarm clock at the hardware store. Today subwayed and walked and subwayed and walked on the freshly fallen snow. And tonight my knees hate me and my thighs hate me and everything freezes and spasms as if it were last year.

My legs don't like boots or snow. But again, the spasms were happening in shoes on bicycle. Today's appt was with a knee surgeon, but after I'd been waiting 75 minutes with two people still ahead of me (and I'd finished my book), I cancelled and rebooked for end of February, with a whole morning clear for His Lordship to keep me waiting around. And I suspect that just as the leaking mucous cysts on my fingers appear in winter and disappear in summer, so the damnable Baker's cyst does too.

I continue to stretch everything stretchable and hope for the best.