December 29th, 2015

hasui snow scene

Take off your thirsty boots

New boots are an almost total success. Knee caps do not stab suddenly in them, inner thigh does not cramp, ITB does not turn into concrete, and best of all, knees do not do that 'piston in sheath' thing so hard to describe: like something interior is moving up and down where it most certainly should not. Not painful but disconcerting with its suggestion that the whole knee is about to collapse in upon itself. Walked farther and with less complaints today than I have in shoes.

Above all, the lower halves are waterproof!! And when you've had the first 'winter storm' of the season, which is not snow, no not at all, but rain, freezing rain, sleet, and heavy white stuff in quantity, all melting as the temps go above freezing and forming vast lagoons at every corner: waterproof is a miracle.

The drawback? Right foot is as ever longer and larger than left and toes feel cramped. When I have leisure- maybe next Monday morning- I shall go to the shop I got these at and see if they have a size larger, and wear that on my right foot. The mobility is worth the money.

As I was reminded this morning, spirited suddenly back to the winter world of walking and transit after spring all last week; and remembering the sheer bloody agony a year ago, walking up and down stairs and climbing down narrow streetcar steps; and how it so doesn't hurt like that now. Am certain it's the meds that are to be thanked for this and not so much my exercises and physio: but whatever, I'm almost cheerful about winter again. If my toes didn't cramp I could almost consider walking to work again, as in the old days. (In the old days eight years back I walked even if my toes cramped, because I couldn't bear taking the stairs- not knowing that my boots had both orthotics and liners and thus not enough room for my feet. But I've grown softer since then.