December 22nd, 2015


It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Because I've been Buying Stuff.

The demise of Book City has made it hard to find calendars. They used to have dozens, strung on wires above the tables piled with art books and recent releases, so you could check the insides. Rousseau, Art Nouveau, Japanese prints, Chinese artists, classic photographs... all your needs. Since then I've had luck at Midoco, the stationers down the street, but this year the selection was feeble. Same with the art framers on the other side of Book City's old store; same indeed with the Museum, that has ugly Group of Seven and uninspired nature pics. But there was at least a Japan calendar, and that I bought.

Then at the dollar store I found tiny LED lights for my tiny tree, but I need to get batteries for them. They're not very long: must use two strands.
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