December 20th, 2015


Loose-end Sunday

The Salvation Army ads print in Chinese on my browser.

An Artist of the Floating World is an incredible downer. That I never noticed what was going on in the plot when I first read it, thirty years ago, must be due to my single-minded fascination with how Ishiguro rendered Japanese speech in English. Except that I knew no Japanese at all thirty years ago.

Wandered into a Christmas Craft Fair yesterday, and wandered out with new crocheted pot holders to replace the ones K-chan sent me from Japan a dozen years ago, that finally succumbed to the pilot light gas-grunge of my stove. Also home-made rose potpourri from someone's garden, which proved, alas, to have something distinctly ungardenly chemical in it. Had to toss it. Also a notebook covered in black washi with dragons on it. Alas again, writing longhand in notebooks is a lost art with me.
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