December 15th, 2015

birthday croc from TTG 07

Schroedinger's Book

Possibly this is owing to the lingering effects of that stubborn stomach bug, which fuzzes the brane enormously. (Semi-fasting for three days does that to you). However:

I came home to an amazon package in the mailbox. 'Oh good,' thought I, 'there's The Masked City, was out a week on their delivery estimate.' Put it on kitchen table. But trash goes out tomorrow, so OK, I'll unwrap it so I remember to take it to my aunt's on Saturday. But very oddly, my pre-ordered copy of The Masked City is gift-wrapped. And has a card from incandescens. Who has evidently sent me another signed copy of her book for Christmas. Hasn't she? I compare wrapped book with unwrapped book. Same height, same width, same thickness. There's an 'in case you don't want to spoil your present' envelope containing the book's name. But if I look at it I will spoil my present. So under the little xmas tree goes the wrapped book which simultaneously is and is not The Masked City.

And thank you very much, incandescens.