December 10th, 2015

hasui clouds of glory

Small happinesses

1. Got my OHIP card renewed this week. Took 45 minutes all told. I seem to recall last time, in 2010, reading most of a chapter of some late Aubrey/ Maturin book. So, faster, yes.

2. Gas bill arrives, with its comparison between this year's usage and last. 'The weather has been 31% warmer. You have used 39% less gas.' Not on heating, I haven't: I've had the thermostat at 20 when the lows were a mere 10C, which in past years wouldn't have qualified for heat at all. Could this be the new efficient water heater? I rather fancy so.

3. This is an old one, but I'm still chuffed by my reverse osmosis water filter from 1987, which I hung on to for 28 count them 28 years, until I needed it to provide distilled water for my nightly 'let's not turn into a mummy' ventures. The cool mist humidifier uses nothing, but the warm mist vaporizer gulps two litres a night. And I have it and need neither pay for it nor lug those four litre jugs home.

4. It's cool and dampish and the air smells of some time and place way way back, totally forgotten except for the frisson of happiness it carries.