December 7th, 2015


Clean mind in a slightly cruddy body

Warning for possible hygiene TMI.

I didn't become a daily bather until I was 26. Before that I'd sponge bath the uhh sweat gland areas, and immerse myself every few days or so. But the fall I was 26 I was keeping house while my mother recuperated from her first cancer op, and finishing up my long-neglected BA, and by day's end I was fried. Bath with bath gel was my reward for getting through the day, and it began a habit of almost four decades. Bath for choice- lovely hot water easing my cramped neck- and shower every three days to wash hair.

I don't remember this daily occurrence very well: as in, how did I manage baths in the low shallow tub I had here before '06? but I certainly remember the times when I was forced to forego the water. That house in Nerima with its rocking square bath and expensive sento: how I hated washing in cold water in the sink outside my room, with stinky Cow brand soap. Those operations through the oughties: having to wrap myself in clingwrap to keep stitches dry and only doing it every three days. I itched, I smelled, I was unhappy until I could get all of me wet again.
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