October 28th, 2015

hasui rain

Oddities of the deluge

Chrome goes weirder and weirder. If I follow a link from LJ, when I come back, everything in italics is invisible. Today's special: everything *except* the italics is invisible. Seems to be confined to LJ, so that's a relief.

Rains, of course. Yesterday took a rake and cleaned the grates at the end of the block, which were already plugged with rotting wet leaves. (From when? Last Saturday, I suppose.) Forgot to check side alley by my house, but when I remembered this morning, some forethinking soul had raked the leaves away from the drain already. Thus no lakes.

Searching for dubbin to protect new shoes, accidentally cleaned up catch-all cupboard in kitchen. Unearthed many brown garden waste bags, pieces of bubble wrap (never know when it will come in handy), fluorescent 40 watt bulbs (which will never come in handy), vacuum parts that may belong to the Dustdevil, and a decorative cloth shopping bag. Plastic bags have been stuffed into each other and will go to work, the better to hold the tinies' shirts and pants that have fallen prey to overenthusiastic feeding habits and M's need to hold her bankie even while eating spaghetti bolognese.

Took bike in to have brakes tightened. 90 minutes later, came home with tuned-up, new chain/ new brake-pads/ new brake cabled bicycle, whose wheels had been cleaned with acetone and whose dinged and banged up frame had been treated with some kind of enamel. This is why one goes local- none of the big guys have ever overhauled my bike like that. OTOH guy talked non-stop about personhood and manhood under Common Law- evidently not the same thing- and how graves have names in caps just like the names on gov't docs which marks the names as 'person'- this having something to do with Dep't of Agriculture having installed video cameras at the farm of the guy who produces and promotes raw milk. Not quite loony but certainly bee-in-bonnet.