October 20th, 2015

hasui rain

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Woke stiff and achy and regretting those three hours I'd promised an Infant staff on top of my regular two. By dint of playing Moving Heads, got it down to two hours in the toddlers as they (presumably) slept. My second adopted grand-daughter was an abstainer, so I spent ninety minutes patting her back so she'd at least rest and be quiet instead of singing Twinkle twinkle little star non-stop. (And I mean literally 'Twinkle twinkle little star'- she hasn't got to the second line yet.)

But that ill-defined area called, mostly, the base of the thumb ie the fleshy part of the palm below the thumb itself, has been stiff for a few days. Today the left hand Whatever went ballistic at me. Opening, closing, picking up kids- stabs of pain. My super gout-painkillers had no effect. Went to the local pharmacy on my fifteen minute break and bought heat wraps for hips (all they had) and mummy wrapped my wrist and arm in their yardage, with the supposed heat-providing patch around the base. Barely helpful, but eventually took enough gout pills to ease even that inflammation, and at home swathed me in Robax's superior heat cell wraps. Am almost comfortable. No idea what it is, of course- arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendinitis- but have come across acupressure points on line that are supposed to ease all three, so doubtless my acupuncturist can provide the same relief.