October 17th, 2015

gankutsu-oh pointy ears and all

Black Water 2

Friday dawns cold and bright. I thrust my feet into my knitted slippers which have been sitting under the lamp table lo these many days because mostly it's warm enough to walk around barefoot. There is something cold and metallic in my right slipper. It's the stylus for the phone. You remember, the one that fell to the floor in the middle bedroom down the hall? How did it get into my slipper which was- trust me- not in the side room ever.

The only answer is a brief amnesia in which I picked up the stylus when it fell, walked down the hallway in my underwear, put it on the lamp table (where my cellphone charges), came back and finished undressing; then, having blanked out the previous thirty seconds, looked for the stylus on the floor and failed to find it. Stylus meanwhile rolled off the table where I put it and into slipper on floor.

I'd rather believe in poltergeists than in that degree of fuzziness.