October 11th, 2015

autumn hibiya

Slow days, the last of summer

Noting gorgeous days doesn't help me remember gorgeous days afterwards, but I'll note anyway. Sunny and warm as a Tokyo November, shirtsleeve weather, but not oppressive. Leaves not especially autumnal, but my sunglasses have a pinky filter that turns the universal bleached yellow into flaming red, so I am content.

Wonted haunts both today and yesterday were oddly unpeopled, which one expects in Seaton Village whose middle-class residents all have cottages to go to, and how spacious that leaves the cafes; but remarked the same in the underclass section where I was today, only I've forgotten what that section was. Luckily was also true of my area's advanced poll for the Fed Election: Friday was by all accounts a horror show and Saturday not much better. But then again, this (newly gerrymandered) riding is split between the Liberals and the NDP, so the Regressive Conservatives had no need to try the shenanigans reported of them in more contested areas.