September 23rd, 2015

spoilers by kateshort

Reading Wednesday Cannot Make Up Its Mind

What have you just finished reading?
Nothing since last week. On account of--

What are you reading now?
I'm still noodling away at, variously,
Winter's Tale, which fell off in interest at the end of the Peter Lake section;

The Throne of Fire, 2nd in Rick Riordan's Egypt series. Riordan is depression reading: I don't enjoy it much but I keep on reading it to be reading something. Not unlike daytime TV;

The Guizer, Alan Garner's collection of stories about the Fool figure, or rather, the Trickster. Depressing in quite another way. Why are there no female tricksters? apart from the one Le Guin wrote. (I see there's a space in that last name now; has it always been there?) Because Trickster figures are psychotic sociopaths and we can't conceive of women as being amoral *and* powerful, is it? Understand, I don't mind this: but reading tale after tale of psychotic sociopaths is depressing;

The Knife of Never Letting Go, which so far is rivetting. May stick with it. To my tastes, YA generally has a lack of complexity that makes it drag. (See Riordan, above.) Hope this is one of the exceptions. (Yes yes, I know; like manga, it's not *for* you. But still one hopes. After all, Diana Wynne Jones counts as YA or whatever, and *she* managed it.)

Also reading Dear Enemy from a tattered copy missing both beginning and end. This I do at night while waiting for beanbags to heat, which takes about ten minutes all told. I use a lot of beanbags.

Have also reread The Invisible Library, picking up what's given of Vale and his family. They never did get their book back from Bradamant, did they? But was it Bradamant who stole it? They're in Leeds and her depredations were in London, I assume? Do wonder what the book had in it...

What will you read next?
Might get back to The Famished Road when the weather cools; might forge on through Winter's Tale. Discover among my nostalgic 80s Picadors a copy of Pilgermann which wikipedia discourages me from reading, promising horrors. Jew wandering through medieval Europe, yes I would think so. But still.
red-eyed goujun by _mrowr @ muffyface

Boring this and that

1. The search for a cold morning coffee.

The milk companies' iced coffee is too sweet and calorie laden. Sabina's tip for iced coffee (pour water over ground beans, stick in fridge, let stand: cuts acidity almost completely) is messy, and of course not sweet or thick enough. I add it to chocolate soy and chocolate milk, but then the calories add up. Had a brainwave, went to Korean supermarket and bought two cans of JCC iced coffee. Still not quite thick enough, but the taste at least is right.

2. The search for distilled water

Needed for my sinus rinse (though boiled is supposed to work as well), humidifier (winter is coming), and steam cleaner (the instructions for cleaning the thing of hard water deposits are terrifying: intend not having them in the first place.) That's a lot of distilled water and a lot of plastic, even if I buy the Green water in recycled plastic jugs. So I hauled out the reverse osmosis machine my bro gave me (nearly 30 years ago) from under the sink (never throw anything away) and will soon have lots and lots of pure water. Just as soon as Bro explains how to hook things up to the tap. Am unmechanical to a degree and fundamentally scared of all machines.
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