September 16th, 2015

goujun by rasetsunyo

State of the larynx

Heavy-Duty Restricted Substance Cough Syrup (may cause dizziness, vomiting, seizures etc etc) is a) to be taken with food and b) to be taken at bedtime. This is how one gains weight, guys. Also not to be taken with anti-histamines, muscle relaxants, or codeine products. You know, the stuff daycare workers live on in the allergy season. However, fingers crossed, it seems to be working, marginally. Maybe if I took a full dose it might work even better, but I'm already light-headed enough from other causes.

However, had occasion to go into the naproom at work to-- well, basically, hand three woken kids out to waiting staff as another staff tried to put a wailing new bug to sleep, and then pat a fourth child back to la-la-land. Ten seconds there saw my nose gushing and throat spasming uncontrollably, only I did control it so as not to undo all our good work. So it's definite that a major factor in this thing is dust and grit, which blows into the room through the not airtight at all window into the vestibule into the yard.