August 30th, 2015


My rubbish life

Yesterday and this morning were autumn, and very pleasant. It is now summer again (hint: the sun came out) and not so very.

In my half-aware state I've succeeded in doing some basic cleaning, like the lower shelf of the perpetually unsatisfactory living room table. It's wicker, and the wicker was already sagging when I bought it at a yard sale a dozen years ago. Anything put on the shelf sags too, like books, so it became a kind of oubliette. Clearly needs a flat surface, so I retrieved a framed and glassed picture from the basement and inserted it there. Works very well. Would work better if picture wasn't of a clock, with real metal hands in front and a little battery box behind; but wicker's slump accommodates box just fine. Then leafed through a bunch of National Geographics from the Front Lawn Library that had got umm shelved there. Will keep the one from 2012 on the colours of the terracotta army and the 2000 one about Genghis Khan. The 1964 one about Tokyo just pre-Olympics... shall keep the 'general overview' map, which names streets and shows landmarks in relation to each other, which none of my dozen other Tokyo maps do, and trash the rest. They approve of the expressway, for one thing. Besides, there's this other article called "Cambodia: south-east Asia's 'neutral' corner", which is too painful to even read.
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