August 26th, 2015

autumn hibiya

'Surely some revelation is at hand; surely the second coming is at hand'

Someone called this immatura autumnus, premature autumn. Aside from the fact that autumnus is a regular first declension masculine, google only recognizes the phrase in the same place I found it. Make of that what you will. Leaves turn yellow or red, depending on whether it's my cherry tree or the neighbours'; enough leaves fall to fill a leaf bag, even as the region tomatoes remain firmly green. I am grateful to the arborists last spring who said the cherry was in very good shape, or else I'd be worried. As for the tomatoes- well, it was a cold summer, by and large.

So the days are cool and grey with a frisson of mug, as in long ago Septembers in grade school, or mild dry blue and white with shrilling cicadas, as in my first bicycling season in Tokyo. ('93, which started late August.) Nostalgic and unmemorable. I note the resemblance in passing, but what I recall day to day is both very little (where did August go to?) and not anything I see either on foot or bikeback.

If there was more on foot I might remember more, but the physio is still saying 'stay off your feet.' I don't, at work, and the result has been an achy and twingy three weeks. And not likely to improve. The staff who is never ever sick was sick this morning and called me at 6:30 to cover her 8 am shift; regulars are leaving to go back to school or to get married or for other, full-time, positions. What has been an unusually lazy summer is set to turn into a very busy fall, and I have no desire to be busy. Ah well. It will all work out somehow.