August 22nd, 2015

hasui clouds of glory

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Just spent an hour reading forums under 'laryngeal spasms' which yielded a lot of conflicting information. Symptoms are always the same- tickle in throat, spasmodic cough sometimes leading to vomiting, lack of breath, watering eyes, red face- but the causes range from acid reflux to something wrong with the vocal chords. There's a pressure point one can try but like many people on the forum, the only thing that definitely works for me is sucking on a candy. (So much for 'avoid sugar' in the acid reflux category.)

However it's also avoid caffeine and carbonation. No more Pepsi, and how lucky my favourite coffee shop is closing for a week's vacation.

Bought the second Rivers of London comic y'day, the store being out- again- of vol 1. Is fine. I want to read this when it's finished. Also their version of Nightingale is not my version, and Peter is not nearly cheeky enough- though come to that, I should check how cheeky he is out loud, and how often.

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LJ has just removed the 'view in old style' option.

LJ likes to take a page style every week, put it up against a wall and shoot it-- so that you must view everything in mobile style or you must use new style or you must whatever.

LJ- breaking what didn't need fixing since far too long.

ETA- wait, what? It's under Display, not Presentation? Great! Tick it back! But then it's not under Display anymore. Guess it only appears when you're in new style.