July 21st, 2015

hasui clouds of glory


Give me those nice bright colours
Give me the green of summer

or rather, the blues. That was what the cataract sunglasses did. My dollar store sun glasses make the world look like photos from childhood rather than the sky of childhood itself, but it's still good. Erases the light pollution haze, deepens the greens to blue and the blues nearly to black. Climbing up the stairs from the beach at the cottage, into the green-black trees with deep blues peeking between them as they rustled in the (constant) wind from the lake. Also the streets that skirted Toshima-en in Tokyo, deep in green shadows (why there'd be trees near an amusement park, I don't know, but that's how I remember it), gold filtering through, sound of the invisible semis' piercing min-min-min-miiin. A long ago time.
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