July 19th, 2015


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Finished ep 4 of JS&MN. Yes, I do regret many things that had to be changed from the book, but of course you couldn't make a series about two men whose main emotional entanglement is with an abstract subject and each other. Also I have no problem seeing the actress who plays Arabella a lot, so we make Strange a devoted, not a neglectful, husband.
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Lazy Sunday

Hot today, for certain values of hot. Slept with AC but did very well with fans the rest of the time. Relieved a little by a kitsune no yomeiri, not merely sun while the rain fell but sun while it thundered as well.

Bought a new lime green Indian cotton dress, cool and bright. Investigated, alas, the new maron place up on Dupont. Their marons are very fresh and at least as good as the place on Harbord's (also as expensive), but not really my thing. But their iced cookies are the taste of my childhood, and I must avoid them like the plague.

Finished The Ladies of Grace Adieu, have almost finished 100 Demons which I've been rationing. ('Christmas comes but once a year.') Alas again, the last story is the one that, so far, makes no sense at all. Remains Max Gladstone, which I drag my feet on, because Temoc (*and* the book he first appears in) are my least favourite of the series. So far, must say, nothing has lived up to the pleasures of the first volume.