July 15th, 2015



So if, reluctantly, I don't go to meditation and lecture tonight because my throat hurts and my ears hurt and I'm given to hacking coughs followed by explosive mucousy sneezes (doctor has taken a swab for strep and a chest x-ray for I forget what) and instead decide to lie on my bed reading whichever of my trove of books-- you'd think I might actually *lie* on my bed and read books, instead of playing solitaire all evening. As partial excuse, I just discovered that one needn't go searching for the card that can go in the blank space: click the space and the card will come to you. I did wonder how people could win this solitaire in a minute and a half.

Shall I note that it's still light enough to see by after 9 pm? Maybe at the solstice it was light at 9:45, but I don't actually remember it. Maybe because at the solstice it was raining and dark.