July 10th, 2015


(no subject)

Is the time of year when, on coming home, I must lie on my bed with my legs up against the wall for half an hour so that at least some of whatever makes them swell can drain down. Then I sit at the computer and play an hour of brain-fried solitaire. Then I must lie down again with raised legs so my feet can redrain. Then I must go use the saline rinse to stop the hack cough gargle of sinusitis, and take a couple of anti-histamines for the allergies that cause sinusitis, and then go back to playing mindless solitaire until I go lie down again in a drugged haze.

Little wonder I get nothing done in the evening.

(Just as work shuts the knees up almost completely, so it stops the worst of the sneeze and wheeze. An override is a lovesome thing, god wot; wish the air purifier worked half as well.)