July 2nd, 2015


Rewards, and fairies

I was ready to push off on my bike but had to wait for a pickup truck moseying up the street and taking its own sweet time. Passed me, I saw it was full of bits and pieces of stuff, guy jumps out several doors up and goes to inspect a barbecue left out for the garbage pickup. Light dawns. I peddle up. 'You take scrap? I have this window screen and an aluminum pole--' Yup. Two more bits the garbage collectors wouldn't take, happily removed from my front porch.

Chrome famously fails to give sound to Youtube. I thought I could hear the preview to JS&MN because it was embedded in someone's post. But when I went to the youtube site, mirabile dictu, Chrome had decided to give me sound again. Of course, this XP groans mightily when playing vids there, which drowns much of it out. But still am I content. Might even attach speakers to hear things better.
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