July 1st, 2015

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Happy Canada Day

Found- alas- a site that had addiction solitaire and no bells and whistles to slow everything down. Today the hearts have been changed to maple leaves. Go us!

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One of the nicer Canada Days in recent memory. Last night my nursing friend texted, asking to spend the night: holiday schedules are like Sundays when the subway doesn't start till 9. This led, naturally, to a blitzkrieg bout of dusting and vacuuming and floor-washing, the which I'd been postponing for the last week or two, so I gained a clean(er) house thereby. A. said she'd be in around 10:30, which struck me as a bit late for someone who had to be up at 6, until I realized that if you're Muslim these days, 10 is when you have your dinner (and 4:30 is when you have breakfast, if you can be bothered. A. says she just drinks water.) A summer solstice Ramadan is no fun in these latitudes; I gather the days aren't as long closer to the equator. So she came in, bringing me whatever the Ethiopian equivalent of a paratha is-- fried bread with egg spread on top. Had some for breakfast: very filling.
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ima ichiko shikigami

Hat trick (rhymes with Patrick)

Dreamed about petronia and her family again, only this time it was both parents and a set of grandparents (small wrinkled old man and woman) all living in a tiny Singapore apartment and therefore doing their entertaining on the roof, as all Singaporeans do. Apartment was enterable by a square port-hole type affair and required climbing down a ladder, because the height was greater than the floor space.

I noted another dream!Singapore feature-- the kitchen counter and sink and stove etc was set away from the wall so the cockroaches couldn't climb up from inside the wall. 'But the gas fitting goes into the wall- can't they climb up from that?' Evidently not- it's the levels inside the counter that allows them access to the top; without that they can't scale the sheer back of the unit.