June 18th, 2015

pissy red dragon from tammylee

Can it be the weekend soon?

Oh, I should know this by now, but seriously-- never walk in to work intending only to mooch lunch and cuddle a few fractious infants or you will find yourself working three more hours than intended and staying for a meeting. Also my slightly sore throat and ear today became 'razor blades in the throat and needles in the ear'; suppose I must brave the walk-in clinic tomorrow. Or buy those throat-freezing lozenges, whatever they're called.

OTOH came home to the hydro bill with a $20 credit. Go me.

ETA: random associations. University College at UofT is Victorian Gothic with gargoyles in the cornices of its monklike cloisters. The college newspaper was consequently called The Gargoyle, but the basement room where the paper was produced simply read 'Gargoyle'. Under which some wag had written 'with Listerine.'