June 8th, 2015

hasui rain

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There's someone in Antonia Forest's one non-Marlow novel who has occasional insomnia; on those nights she can only sleep between 6 and 9. I figure she wrote that from experience, because I do the same on sleepless nights. But also: I can't sleep through thunderstorms and wonder at people who find the CRASH BANG KA-BOOOM!!!!s soothing. It thundered all last night; every time it stopped and I was drifting off to sleep, it would start again, only louder. Stopped around 5, and by then I was unable to get back. Of course, just before 6 I felt sleep come: a curtailed sleep because my alarm was set for 7:30 against an 8:30 shift, but I'd take ninety minutes over nothing. Only the phone ripped me from sodden sleep at 7: subway completely down, 8 am person wants me to bike over and be her until she can get there. Which did: and it began raining the minute I left the house and continued through the morning.

So the day had a nightmare cast to it. Still can't complain- that 8 am person was in the system from 6:40 to 9 and the cook walked something like five miles to get in because there were no shuttle buses and no cabs. (There were no shuttles because the TTC's communications system was knocked out so no one could talk to anyone else: whether this has anything to do with their broadcast system being at the top of the CN Tower, I couldn't say.)

Is supposed to go on doing this for the next two days. El Nino summer is us.