June 4th, 2015


(no subject)

Can't tell if the skunks are back or if it's just the pollution, but lord it stinks out there.

Yesterday's accomplishment was dragging a very large carpet up from the cellar (with bro's help) and putting it out for today's garbage pickup. I believe it was the one from my sister's room at the old house, meaning I've had it since 1988. Time I got rid of it. Came home from work yesterday afternoon and some gomi-hunter had already taken it. When I came home from shopping yesterday evening, gomi-hunter had returned it, making me wonder if I'd hallucinated its absence. Insult to injury, the garbage guys didn't take it either.

Discouraged, have spent the evening playing addiction solitaire.

ETA: Oh FFS. What else is missing from new style? An 'edit entries' button.

ETA2: Try Semagic. Allows editing. Doesn't show userpics, even though it says it does. Triple argh. (Oh OK. Click 'show posting options.')