April 22nd, 2015

koitsu benkei bridge

'I luv only robins'

At times I think I luv only trees

Cherry tree has been trimmed, by friendly efficient informative tree trimmers. It feels like three-quarters of the branches are gone and I can count the ones remaining; as if there will be no leaf shade this year, which of course is an exaggeration. For sure there will be a lot fewer cherries dropping on my brother's lawn, since a sprawling limb on the north side went in toto. I should have had it removed fifteen years ago, so that the plum wouldn't have had to grow at right angles as it now does. And by the looks of it, no cherries dropping on the south neighbours, saving me from that piece of chronic summer anxiety; and if god loves me, very few on my clothesline.

And next year maybe everything will sprout mightily and I will have some shade again.