April 19th, 2015

hasui hirakawa morning

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Wild winds do blow, again; mindfulness being in the moment fails to recall the last time this happened, but diary reminds me it was my brother's birthday a little over a week ago, and earlier at the end of March, whereby I lost a bike wheel.

Spent the day still sorting through books- in this case more of those Horizons from the 50s through 70s resurrected from next door's basement some six or seven years back. I put a box of the ones I didn't want out yesterday and brought it back in untouched last night. But today as I went to add the last few copies to the hopeful offering, a man and woman in full bike gear with panniers full of vegetables were trying to work out how they could fit two dozen or so volumes on their bikes. I gave them a canvas bag, he did miracles with bungie cords (*not* an experienced bike tourist, she said, but sure do look it) and off they rode uphill into the wind. I wish them safe arrival, and thanks for taking my Horizons.

Even better, I put out an aged Columbia Encyclopedia and a Chambers ditto and an Introduction to Physical Geography (my textbook in 1968, still virgin: I was a crap student) with no hope that anyone would want something so out-of-date and easily accessed on the internet. They were gone when I got back from Buddhism. Either someone has odd ideas about what second-hand bookstores will buy, or they're seriously nostalgic.

(I should have googled Horizon earlier. People sell them on eBay and etsy and amazon, though no one seems to buy, but others blog about them delightedly or give you samples of the contents or provide detailed tables of contents and covers.)