March 2nd, 2015

hisui from rasetsunyo

He's a magic bag, Mama

I have a new magic bag! And because I take what's available, I have the neck and shoulder model, which I thought would be good for wrapping around my knee at night. In fact it's good for draping over the neck and shoulders; I may see how it works tonight, but unlike the other bags this one has ribbing which keeps the grains where you want them for the neck, but probably not for the knee.
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My doctor's next line of attack is to have my knee drained. I rather like the idea. I also like the idea that what's hurting my knee is *not* the sort of thing one can operate on, being a different kind of pain entirely. (The other knee might need it, somewhere down the line, but for the moment it doesn't do much lock-and-stab. May it stay that way.)

And gout meds still or weight loss or who knows what, but today I was suddenly able to do a quad stretch on the left leg and OMG did that feel **good**.