March 1st, 2015

yoshitoshi semimaru

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I did for years without a humidifier at night in winter, and in consequence regularly had cracked hands and feet and hangnails that bled and etc. But in last last year's virus-induced dehydration I dragged an old model, dating from who knows when, out of the basement and used that religiously. The filter fell apart so I bought a new one in December, and within a month it had developed large black mould spots in spite of being warranted to do no such thing. I might have just replaced it but the humidifier itself became persnickety about moving its fan blades- required much coaxing with a crochet hook through the grill to make them twirl at last- so finally got a new one last week. Is supposed to be good for twelve hours but isn't, naturally: eight if you're lucky and use low speed. Do not have to remove casing to allow filter to dry out because it's always dry anyway after the tank empties.

But the real problem is they recommend using distilled or filtered water. A Brita filter jug isn't going to get me the 3 litres needed to fill the tank and distilled costs just pennies: but this means dragging a 4L jug home three days out of four. I weigh the cost and nuisance of doing just that in pre-biking weather against the cost and nuisance of finding a filtering attachment for the tap or the large size Brita tanks; figure winter can't last more than another month; and continue to buy distilled water.

Or I could just use our hard tap water and let the filter mould and the works gunk up, as with the other one.
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