February 25th, 2015

goujun by rasetsunyo

Grow old along with me: the best is yet to be

Bell e-bill shows up today. I go to my online banking to discover my balance is $500+ higher than it was yesterday. Old age security has transferred in. Whee!

(Would have been $700+ more but the pension plan cheque came in the mail Monday: and I spent a ragesome 45 minutes yesterday trying to access the government site that would let me change to direct deposit. Designed by Moebius: the link you want always takes you to 'you are leaving the site is this OK yes no'. Neither answer is correct. Still not sure how I finally got myself registered and got the 'change payment' option, but sheesh guys, could I have done this if I was 80 or 85 and faced with 'the government is going to direct deposit please change your options now'?)